Quaisr at London International Shipping Week Future Leaders Roundtable

September 2023 - Quaisr was invited to the London International Shipping Week Future Leaders Roundtable chaired by Baroness Vere (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Aviation, Maritime and Security). The main agenda items for the session were:

  • AI and leveraging economic growth in maritime - How do we harness AI in the maritime sector to boost growth through increased productivity?
  • Building the skills to be world leaders - How do government and industry need to act to plug skills gaps early?

During the session, Quaisr's representative, Assen, argued that the knowledge to solve the most complex challenges across the maritime sector already exists. He encouraged government to promote data-sharing practices so that experts could link real-time data to AI modelling and simulation. And the technology to make interconnectivity seamless already exists. Quaisr can help maritime users leverage cloud technologies to connect data, simulations and AI. Users can create experiences for a wider audience across an organisation, giving them access to critical decision-support tools and automation to tackle challenges across decarbonisation, supply-chain disruption and productivity.

After the event, Assen added: "It is refreshing to see government and industry focus the conversation on leveraging AI. Many people now argue that we should abandon AI development due to the danger of it becoming Skynet. While I am a big fan of the Terminator series, I believe the maritime industry should press on with its adoption. Mostly because there are many low-hanging fruit problems which can be solved by consolidating real-time and historical data, automating existing analysis pipelines and connecting them to conventional machine learning practices."

We don't know about Skynet, but we can see that you had fun at the event, Assen. Thank you for the invitation Department for Transport.