Verification and validation of next-generation mission critical technologies

Connect and orchestrate modelling tools from multiple consortium companies, conforming to individual security policies. Maintain privacy of modelling logic, while enabling end-to-end automation for verification and validation (V&V).

Public funded defence projects, including next-generation aircraft and hybrid-electric vehicles, rely on a collaboration between multiple prime contractors and SMEs, who often deliver individual components of an overall system. End-to-end experimentation and testing is time consuming and expensive – often leading to budget overruns.
Use Quaisr to connect multiple sub-models together from collaborating companies, while keeping modelling logic and intellectual property private to each individual company. Enable scenario generation, optimisation, and V&V of end-to-end prototypes for manufacturing.
Accelerate translation from R&D to prototyping.
3x - 5x
Faster R&D translation
Improved collaboration
Audit trails for every modelling decision