QinetiQ and Quaisr to partner

March 2023 – QinetiQ and Quaisr, a UK technology startup, to explore innovative materials for defence and security applications under Dstl framework partnership.

QinetiQ and Quaisr have commenced a strategic partnership to explore new materials using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The partnership will accelerate new discovery by combining QinetiQ's expertise in material design, discovery and characterisation with Quaisr's innovative connectivity technology, empowering teams to link domain expertise, physical simulations and AI. The enhanced capability will improve research efficiency, paving the way for significant reductions in the development times of new high-performance materials.

Charles Footer Lead of Advanced Materials and Devices at QinetiQ commented, "The Quaisr platform empowers our experts to link multi-disciplinary knowledge and unleashes exciting AI technologies. This partnership clearly has the potential to revolutionise the discovery of new materials to meet the evolving needs of a plethora of our customers around the world."

Charles Footer added, "Over the previous decade we have invested in tooling that enables us to deliver cutting-edge innovation. The Quaisr technology brings multiplicative value by empowering our teams to build scalable experiences around these existing tools."

Lachlan Mason, CEO at Quaisr, said, "We're excited to partner with Qinetiq to showcase our passion for linking domain experts, AI, and simulation. We are demonstrating clear impact by accelerating industrial innovation together."

About QinetiQ – QinetiQ is a global science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence and security markets. Driven by its purpose to protect lives and secure the vital interests of its customers, QinetiQ applies cross-domain knowledge and technical expertise to solving customers' mission challenges, helping them to develop, test and deploy new and enhanced capabilities with the assurance they need to operate safely and effectively.

About Quaisr – Quaisr is venture-backed spinout from Imperial College London and the Alan Turing Institute. The Quaisr connectivity platform empowers teams to create, connect and consolidate ingenuity within complex organisations, enabling domain experts to advance high-value activities across efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

For more information on the new partnership, please contact Charles Footer or Quaisr.